Should I Exist?

Everyone has a purpose to be born on this mortal world. Everyone has a dream to be achieved in this realm. At the point of this article written, the total population on earth alone is around 7+ billion. Yeah, that’s the amount of homo sapiens currently living in this planet. Yet some motivational speech tells you to be “unique”. The chance you’re being unique in that...

Standing at The Door

Think of something like an adventurer who goes around the town to seek for knowledge. While wandering the surrounding, there’s a beautiful house appears before you. It’s sure far away, but it shines throughout the wood and it caught your eyes. Then you think, “I think that’s a place that potentially could be called as my home. A place where I could stay and share what I...

Can I Rent Daily Clothes?

Ketika saya berkunjung ke mantan kampus saya, saya bertemu dengan seorang teman yang memang kesehariannya berwirausaha di bidang pariwisata. Saya pun juga suka menjelajah tempat baru dan asing. Seiring percakapan kami berdua berlangsung, tiba-tiba celetukan “Kalau mobil saja kita bisa sewa on-the-go, kenapa tidak dengan baju sehari-hari?”


Halo guys, It’s been a while. Welcome back to my blog. Karena ada kejadian yang seharusnya tidak terjadi, seluruh isi dari blog ini hilang ditelan bumi karena kesalahan saya mengubah database. Well, I bet no one care though but suck it up yeah I’m back. Seperti biasa, blog ini hanya akan berisi opini acak, my rant, atau sekedar sharing seputar pekerjaan¬†saya. That’s all I guess...

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